Mick Devine for New England RVP

leadership through we

Mick Devine's Vision

Watch Mick’s video series to better understand his vision for New England. Stay tuned for updates!

Video 6 Mick Devine Transparency

Transparency What should you, the members of the New England Region, expect from me if am fortunate enough to win your confidence and vote for Regional Vice President?  The RVP is a democratic representational position. How can I represent the members of this great...

Video 5 Mick Devine Family Man

Mick Devine Family Man Early on in my life, my father instilled a strong work ethic in me. At 10 years old, he made me walk down to the neighborhood deli and ask for a job. My job was to sweep the front sidewalk and the back parking lot. I was making $3.35 per hour. I...

National 804 Workgroup Cape Approach to Boston Approach K90 to A90

National 804 Workgroup Cape Approach to Boston Approach (K90 to A90) - 4 years in the making With the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2012 the FAA was mandated to develop a method and means to consolidate air traffic control facilities. This endeavor was undertaken...

Video 4 Mentoring within NATCA

Mentoring within NATCA When I ran for the position as Facrep at Boston Tower, it was not because I desperately wanted the position, but because I thought the position desperately needed someone to change the direction of the local. I went into the position knowing...

Video 3 Union Building Part 2 Foster Teamwork

Union Building Part 2 Foster Teamwork After building relationships between your leadership team and your members, it is time to build the relationships between your members and foster teamwork. This not only goes for your members as productive activists, but their...

Video 2 Union Building Part 1 Leadership Through We

Leadership Through We Growing a successful union, a union that can withstand the test of time, it is important to not only build for success today, but to set up the success of our future. A leadership through we mantra always begins with building your leadership...

Video 1 Introduction Mick Devine Accepts NATCA NE RVP Nomination

Introduction: Mick Devine accepts NATCA NE RVP Nomination Hi, my name is Mick Devine. I am the three term Facrep at Boston Tower. It is my intention to accept the nomination, and run for NATCA New England Regional Vice President this spring. My entire presidency at...

Help the Cause and Show Your Support

I am requesting contributions to support the financial portion of an election campaign in NATCA’s New England Region. I am running in a contested election against a 4-term incumbent who is running for his 5th term.


Federal law strictly prohibits the use of union and/or employer funds to promote the candidacy of any person in a union officer election. This prohibition was adopted to prevent a current officer from being able to use the union treasury to help finance an election campaign. It was also intended to prohibit an employer from being able to influence the outcome of a union election.


The funds contributed will be used for mailings and travel to interact with as many NATCA members as possible during the election cycle. Thank you for considering.

About Mick Devine

Mick Devine is the NATCA BOS Tower Facility Representative (Facrep). He is honored to accept the nomination for New England RVP.

Experienced Facrep

As a three term Facrep, Mick based his entire presidency on recruiting, mentoring, empowering, educating and informing.


Mick was a dedicated US Marine, so he understands how to accomplish the mission with integrity and hard work.